Thursday, May 5, 2011

Internet Explorer Accelerator to display a customer in SAP webgui (ES Workplace demo)

Using an Internet Explorer Accelerator in an SAP Webgui ALV grid

I do like IE8 accelerators and covered them before with a QRcode in an Internet explorer accelerator

The following demo is based on the ERP system that is part of the SAP Enterprise Services Workplace.
The ES workplace website can be found here
You need to register to get a logon account.

When you logon to the ERP system you are in the world of SAP, apart from ALV grids (maybe some other parts) which allows the IE8 accelerators when text is selected.

Using this method you can link transactions, so selecting some text will allow an URL to be constructed to start another transaction.

Onto the demo, using VA05N "sold to party" number to link to VD03 display customer transaction. Demonstrating a way to quickly display the customer name instead of just the number.

Running VA05n "List Sales Orders" will produce a list of customers as shown below.

Selecting the the text in one row for the "Sold-to pt" will display the blue IE8 accelerator button. As shown below.

When selecting my accelerator this will use the transaction VD03  to display the customer. As shown below the customer is "Becker Berlin". The screen shot shows the preview screen, when clicking on the "SAP display customer" accelerator then the VD03 transaction will start in a new page. It does start a new session.

I have put this accelerator on my Amazon EC2 micro instance here.

The code/xml behind the accelerator is here....

Webpage for the button.

  <button id="myButton"
 Add Robert Russell's display customer accelerator for SAP's ERP ES Workplace</button>

XML for the accelerator.

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
 <openServiceDescription xmlns="">
   <name>SAP display customer</name>
  <activity category="SAP display customer">
   <activityAction context="selection">
    <preview action="">
     <parameter name="~okcode" value="*vd03 RF02D-KUNNR={selection}"/>
    <execute action="">
     <parameter name="~okcode" value="*vd03 RF02D-KUNNR={selection}"/>

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