Sunday, November 11, 2012

SAP Visual Intelligence: My entry for the Ultimate Data Geek Challenge

I have entered the SAP Visual Intelligence Data Geek Challenge  Link here

My entry can be found on the Data Geek Wall of Submissions

The submission relates to SDN points and the RSS feeds that I read to gather the data, since the move to Jive the RSS points feeds are no longer available. However as I still have the data I thought it ideal to put through the Visual Intelligence process. The data is available in my trial app on the SAP Netweaver Cloud.

My SDN blog covers the background and inspiration on how I came to collect the data. SDN Blog here.

The full entry on the data geek wall is a 9 minute video covering various aspects such as the year with the most points and top country for average points per contributor.

Here on my blog I have had some fun with my SAPVisi Data Geek entry video by putting it through the iPad iMovie trailer template.

Here is a 1 minute 7 second trailer ( in HD for best viewing.)

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