Barcodes In SAP with the Barcode Writer in Pure Postscript


SAP SDN Blog: Barcodes in SAP with the Barcode Writer in Pure Postscript
*SAP Mentor comments: One SAP Mentor comment on Barcodes in SAP with BWIPP can be found in the blog link above also another SAP Mentor listed the blog in
"best blog picks 2010" here.

Follow up blog on SDN: More Barcodes with Barcode Writer in Pure Postscript. This blog was listed in the  "best blog picks of 2011" here

2012:update blog on SCN now that BWIPP supports Kanji

SAP mentors involved with Mobile Tagging which also includes my BWIPP contribution

Original Blog: How to Print QR Codes in Standard SAP

An new post using the Barcode Writer in Pure JavaScript with SAP Lumira

Here is a video that covers the solution in 56 seconds.

Native Language: Printing(PDF) QRcodes with the SAP Japanese postscript device type

New version of the QR code device type

26 barcodes on a page with a SAP background job -auto save PDF and print

Printing Barcodes for Free: Server Side Setup

Troubleshooting BWIPP barcode printing with Smart Forms

Download the SAP QRcode Device type
Download Aztec code, Data Matrix and Maxi Code Device Types

Solaris: SAP BWIPP printing direct to HP printers
Windows: SAP BWIPP printing direct to HP printers

Draft Google presentation
Videos on my YouTube channel

Live map below, showing countries that have downloaded the QR code device type only. Map produced using SQL Anywhere web services to consume the bitly api with D3JS and hosted on an AWS micro cloud.

 Mapping BWIPP links using Excel macros can be found here  (over 60 countries so far)

Mobile Tagging In SAP for FREE

This Microsoft Excel demo needs to be viewed in FULL SCREEN - icon bottom right.
The video demonstrates a call to a SAP demo server to generate a custom barcode. The type and content of the barcode relate to the values in the cells on the sheet. Demo only at the moment on a nw702 server.

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