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Add FREE barcodes to the SAP Latin2 HP printer Driver

Adding Barcodes to HP's SAP postscript device types for Latin 2 support( ISO 8859-2)

After a request for help and successful test from my contact in Poland the following methods were used with an HP printer supporting the Latin 2 standard. This option opens up the possibilities to add barcodes with " Polish, Czech, Slovakian, Hungarian and so on" a quote from the note. Note HP printers are required for the language support as the device types are specifically for these printers. Read the note for the supported HP printers.

SAP note referenced.

*Note 575916 - PostScript device type for ISO 8859-2 (Latin-2) and HP
Two methods are covered, first a linking method where the device type contains all postscript code required to generate the barcode. The first method is standalone and requires no additional config to be used with a postscript printer. The second method introduces the postscript code for the barcode at the time of printing via server side configuration. The second method requires SAP parameter changes and application server restarts to pick up this configuration.

1) Linking Method 

The following demonstrates linking the ZI2HPPS printer to the ZBWIPPDM Data Matrix device type. This enables Data Matrix barcodes with Latin 2 languages with Smartforms & SAPscript only. *ABAP list will not work, see the server side method below for ABAP list support. This linking method is standalone and does not require and restarts of the SAP server and can be used as soon as the device types are linked (or imported)

Adapting this method then the other barcode device types I have created can be linked, such as QRcode, Aztec Code etc.


Download & import ZBWIPPDM from
Download & import ZI2HPPS from the SAP note 575916
Open Formats for both device types
I chose DINA4 in example

Double click on “Printer intialazition” on both

The 5 action pages need to be copies across from ZBWIPPDM to the end of ZI2HPPS printer intialization page.
As shown below


COPY ALL PRINT CONTROLS FROM ZBW01 (not shown in screenshot) all the way to ZUP50.

The device type is now ready to be used in SAPscript or SMARTforms.
See the youtube videos for more info on this.


I have created a Datamatrix linked device type ZI2HPPS that can be downloaded here.
The file contains both ZI2HPPS & is linked to ZBWIPPDM and both device types need to be imported.

2) Using the BWIPP with the SAP postscript HP device type for latin2 script on the SAP Server Side

This version merges the BWIPP on the SAP server side. By using standard SAP configuration the BWIPP can be merged into the SAP output stream on the server side. The solution is purely postscript based so the barcode solution can be used by ZI2HP to generate the barcodes and latin 2 script.

Steps involved.

1) Download this zip file which contains.
Main directory  BWIPPSAP

LATIN2\serverSide\ZBWIPPI2.PRI This is the SAP device type which contains the BWIPP configuration 
LATIN2\serverSide\Dzbwhp This file is the Barcode Writer in Pure Postscript

SMARTFORMS\z_26barcode.xml Smartform export

PDF_Example\HPi2barcodesPDF.pdf    Barcode only example pdf created with pdfcreator

PDF_Example\Example.png  png image generated with pdfcreator
2) SET the profile parameter 'rspo/devinit/datafile' to
rspo/devinit/datafile =
Note: Please pay attention to the number of "+" after the letter "D".
*Its important the the parameter is set exactly as above

3) Copy the Dbwipp file to the following directory on the SAP server

*the parameter and Dzbwhp file need to be set/copied to all application servers used for printing.

4) RESTART the application server

5) Follow this original post in regards to a standalone QRcode solution but CHANGE the following steps.
Import device type = ZBWIPPI2.PRI
No ABAP report in this download but a simple smartform based on DINA4 device type format.

6) Start Smartforms transaction and import smartform z_26barcode downloaded earlier.
The smartform is ONLY barcodes and contains no LATIN2 characters. Add these characters before printing on the HP printer. The smartoform can be directly tested by executing the "Test/Execute" button.

The PDF file HPi2barcodesPDF.pdf was created by using the smartform with the ZBWIPPI2 device type with PDFCREATOR frontend printer on windows.

Example.png created again with PDFCREATOR
Click on the image for a better view.

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