Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lifetime of SAP Community Network #SCN points

Recently the all time leader in SCN points changed.

A snapshot of the current leaderboard is below from 8th March 2012

The live rss feed can be found here...

Gordon Du is now the lifetime points leader with an impressive 61815 points (at 08/12/2012).

Marking this change and the soon to be new SCN I have captured the point leaders of all countries in the #SCN world and put the business cards on a map, below is a screen shot of the results in Google Earth.

The KML file is best viewed in Google Earth here.

The KML was generated with the ABAP code found on my SCN blog thematic mapping SCN points 

The KML is best viewed in Google Earth however the KML file in Google maps is below.

View Larger Map

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