Friday, October 14, 2011

VPN: How to access both internet and company network on XP

I used to connect to my company's network via a PPP VPN. As I have now left that company I thought I would document the way I connected to the VPN network and the internet (when connected to the VPN).

*now I must state that the company did have an VPN connections via Watchdog ssl connections and using this connection I was always able to connect to the compnay network and the internet. However this Watchdog VPN SSL connection proved unreliable for me and therefore I used the backup PPP connection as follows.

Change the VPN settings to disable the gateway on the remote network as shown below.

Then CONNECT to the VPN

The internet should be available however the company network is NOT!!!

So, using the windows command IPCONFIG command check the last number of the VPN connection. shown here

Then using a BAT file to setup the connections for the company network.

I called mine vpnroutes.bat

C:\Documents and Settings\robert.russell\Desktop>type vpnroutes.bat
route add X.X.X.0 MASK 10.175.2.%1%
route add X.X.0 MASK 10.175.2.%1%
route add X.X.X.0 MASK 10.175.2.%1%

*replace the X.X.X with the IP addresses of the company networked servers.

Then running the vpnroutes.bat file with the last number of the IP address,

vpnroutes 17
*using the example from the screen shot above.

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