Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Printing Barcodes for FREE with SAP

Now introducing the Barcode Writer in Pure Postscript (BWIPP) on the SAP server side
Version 3

Using the BWIPP script on the SAP Server Side

This version merges the BWIPP on the SAP server side. Therefore there is no need to configure PDF software or use scripts to introduce the BWIPP to generate barcodes.

By using standard SAP configuration the BWIPP can be merged into the SAP output stream on the server side. Therefore reducing any configuration on the client side.

Also as the solution is purely postscript based ANY postscript 2 compatible printer can be used for a barcode solution. See my earlier post in regards to printing postscript on HP printers

Steps involved.

ZBWIPP_M.PRI This is the SAP device type which contains the BWIPP configuration
Dbwipp This file is the Barcode Writer in Pure Postscript
ZBWIPP_PRINT.txt This is the ABAP code which produces 26 barcodes on one page

The test page looks like this.

2) SET the profile parameter 'rspo/devinit/datafile' to

rspo/devinit/datafile =

Note: Please pay attention to the number of "+" after the letter "D".
*Its important the the parameter is set exactly as above

3) Copy the Dbwipp file to the following directory on the SAP server

*the parameter and Dbwipp file need to be set/copied to all application servers used for printing.

4) RESTART the application server

Import device type = ZBWIPP_M.PRI
Use ABAP code = ZBWIPP_PRINT.txt

*the output device qrcodes and cutepdf setup can be used as stated in the blog post. (They can be renamed as required)

Run the report ZBWIPP_PRINT for the demo ABAP code.

Here is a video covering barcodes in SAP Smart Forms with the BWIPP.

Previous Versions
Version 1

SAP: 26 different barcodes on a page with 1 ABAP report for FREE

This version relied on merging the the Barcode Writer in Pure Postscript (BWIPP) being with the SAP output on the desktop by using scripts.

Version 2
This version relied on merging the the Barcode Writer in Pure Postscript (BWIPP)  with the SAP output on the desktop by using PDF software configuration.


Unknown said...


Unknown said...

that's really very good demo..I have done all the steps but stuck in one .how to load Dbwipp in windows . I am using SQL server 2008

Robert Russell said...

Hi Piroz,
Not sure what the exact problem is, can you provide an error message. The SAP parameter should pick up the Dbwipp if it is in the right directory.

for the noted instance

then for windows would be something like


Anonymous said...

Hi Robert,

I'm interesting in your demo tutorial.
I want to try it, but the download link isn't work. Would you please to give me the work link.
Thanks very much.


Robert Russell said...

Hi Danaruto,

Thank you for the interest in my blog and taking time to comment.
Apologies for the missing download as Dropbox have switched off public downloads now.
So I have setup a new download link here

Best Regards


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