Friday, December 31, 2010

SAP: Generate Barcodes with a web service to use in Excel.....demo

Ok I am in the middle of a post to the SAP SDN site covering my recent activity with the Barcode Writer in Pure Postscript and SAP. Its not complete yet and I will see when I submit it...

This Excel demo will not be in the SDN post however how its done in SAP will be covered.
Anyway its not complicated and its still in demo stages as I still want to cover a bit more in the conversion from postscript to the image used in SAP/Excel.

Any comments welcome and any ideas about postscript to gif/bmp/jpg conversion also appreciated!

The video shows how to get the barcode into excel depending on cell values. I then change the scale in the backend BSP to increase the size of the barcode, the video was done with camstudio and directly uploaded to YouTube. No soundtrack on this video as its only a demo. Also sorry to shout but you will need to view it in FULL SCREEN - the icon bottom right of the video.

I will be posting more later but off for a holiday so will pick it all up later. Happy New Year.

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