Friday, June 17, 2016

Deploy GeoServer to Trial SAP HANA Cloud Platform

Deploy GeoServer to the trial SAP HCP

By Robert Russell

There are limitations to run GeoServer in the SAPHCP , in that the HCP is setup to store persistent data in a database such as MaxDB or HANA. Any data changed and stored in the filesystem is lost at every restart of the application.

Setup SAP Development Tools for Eclipse

A good place to start is the help pages
For me the key to get GeoServer up and running quickly was to use the Tomcat SDK version
I have just grabbed the above screenshot as these SDK versions are constantly kept up to date. The exact version I used was neo-java-web-sdk-
If you select “Show old versions” and currently the installed version on my laptop has not been depreciated.

On a side note as I haven’t got to the point where it

Setting up SDK in eclipse

Download Geoserver I used 2.81

The Web Archive is required to deploy to the trial

Import WAR file
I changed the name of the web project to neogeo28

Started a local server to test that GeoServer would actually start

Important to select “Java Web Tomcat 7” for the “Server runtime environment” (which needs to have been setup as per the help pages)
Click finish and after a short wait GeoServer opened automatically in the embedded Eclipse browser.

Next was to deploy to the cloud
Entered my account details & again IMPORTANT to select “Java Web Tomcat 7” for “Runtime”
Actually failed to start so I checked the errors from the cloud cockpit view of the neogeo28 application. Only errors indicating SLF4J binding and classpath issues
From my experience I change the timeout setting of the HCP server as GeoServer is quite large application to deploy so I set a longer timeout on the server. Using the server view in eclipse double click the HCP cloud server that was just created.

Set the “Start (in seconds):” timeout to 600 save changes
hit the start icon - green icon bottom left in Eclipse or start the application from the Cloud cockpit.
It started this time
Checking the error view again and the SLF4J issues remain.

Checking site and multiple binding is stated as a warning (error in the HCP) but the explanation of the issue in the “NOTE” section of the screen below indicated the JVM should be able to cope with multiple bindings. Option to delete the SLF4J jar files from the neogeo28 application.

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