Friday, June 6, 2014

Bits and Pieces from my SAP HANA Cloud Portal Movie Producer entry

My SAP HANA Cloud Portal Movie

It's an SCN World

Link to my SCN blog


I can't open up my SAP HANA Cloud Portal site as it relies too much on my developer edition SQL Anywhere instance in the AWS EC2 cloud. As its only a developer edition then I can't really open it up to offer a "service" :)

Lumira Cloud Analysis 

I do cover a SAP Lumira Cloud analysis of 3 months of @SCNblogs twitter tweets with BITLY links in my blog. Shame that SCN Jive platform does not allow such standard SAP features such as embedding Lumira Cloud stories (unbelievable really that the SCN Jive platform blocks SAP software ). However I am not a fan of the Lumira cloud in that I find it does not always embed correctly anyway. Also no control over the display so if your screen is not big enough Lumira drops chart labels and the actual charts do not have any legends (unless you click on them)! Which to me sometimes makes the charts unreadable. Anyway a link to the @SCNblogs Jan-Mar 2014 analysis is here.

SDN Points 2004-2010 

The Google Earth SDN points 2004-2010 in an iFrame below, you need a windows or mac for the plugin to work.

Geoserver running in the SAPHCP

The top SDN points user per country just before Jive came along. Click on the country and the user with the most SDN points business card will be displayed. The old SDN business cards are still "out there".


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