Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Windows XP Movie Maker HD screen capture video: Create your own emulated HD profile

Ok a bit old school in regards to Windows XP, however for various reasons I only have a Windows XP system at the moment. I have been creating some screen capture videos on my XP laptop and editing these with movie maker. I was not really getting good results by editing and exporting screen captured video from movie maker.

Note the orignal profiles for HD I used do come from this website
That website link does state that the profiles help you emulate HD with movie maker.

So back to my screen capture videos with camstudio and editing with movie maker.
This is what I ended up doing to get high quality screen capture video on XP.

1) Download camstudio AND the lossless codec.

2) Downloaded the file WMV-HD-1280x720 from . ( I restarted movie maker and exported a video with the new profile)

3) This did improve the quality of my video, however not to the standard I had hoped.
So checking the display resolution on my XP laptop and it was 1024x768

4) I edited the downloaded profile WMV-HD-1280x720  with notepadd++  to match the resolution of my display. Basically changing all occurrences of 1280 with 1024 and 720 with 768. Then saved the file with a new name.

This works to the standard I wanted.

So for the best results for screen capture videos is to match the resolution of your screen to the output profile used by windows movie maker.

Here is is a link to my edited 1024x768 profile, which can be placed in the following directory

C:\Program Files\Movie Maker\Shared\Profiles\WMV-HD-1024x768.prx

Restart windows movie maker and the profile can be selected in output option

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