Thursday, April 28, 2011

Accelerated QRcodes: QRcodes in an Internet Explorer 8 Accelerator

My previous post covered my AWS micro instance producing QRcodes from parameters specified in a URL.

Now its time to put the URL into an Internet Explorer 8 Accelerator.

Check out IE 8 accelerators here

To add my QRcode accelerator go to

Obviously its my test server and maybe the server will be stopped at some point. See the code at the end of the post and make any changes to other QR code generators.

add the IE8 by clicking on the button "Add Robert Russell's QRcode accelerator to Internet Explorer 8"
(I have not tried it with ie9)

The next screen appears

Click the Add button and the accelerator is installed.

To generate the QRcode for a link, right click on the link and then follow the menu options -
"All Accelerators -> AWS QR codes" , then wait for the preview screen to generate the QRcode of the link.
(selecting the "aws qr codes" takes you a webpage with just the QRcode.)

The Webpage with the IE8 button code.
 <button id="myButton"
 Add Robert Russell's QRcode accelerator to Internet Explorer 8</button>

The XML that adds the accelerator

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
 <openServiceDescription xmlns="">
   <name>AWS QR codes</name>
  <activity category="AWS QR codes">
   <activityAction context="link">
    <preview action="">
     <parameter name="text" value="{link}"/>
     <parameter name="b" value="qrcode"/>
    <execute action="">
     <parameter name="text" value="{link}" type="text"/>
     <parameter name="b" value="qrcode" type="text"/>

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