Wednesday, January 26, 2011

SAP: Barcodes for free in a background job with PDFcreator in server mode

Running the 26 barcodes on a page report in an SAP background job.

Created with the Barcode Writer in Pure Postscript

While I was setting up my SAP demo NW702 system and BWIPP, I was notified of a new version of PDFcreator (version 1.2). So I thought I would try PDFcreator in server mode (note I do run the demo SAP server on XP)

A prereq, you will need the device type and abap report found here

Import the device type ZBWIPP (file zbwipp.pri in the zip file) with transaction SPAD
Enter the device type name and SAP will prompt for a transport

Download PDFcreator

1) Choose server installation

2) note the advice in the next screen.

Let the install complete and I activated autosave and kept the default directory and settings.

3) Download the BWIPP in the "seperate file per named resource" in the download section.
 Install this into the lib directory of PDFcreator as shown. Installing in this way will allow the print after save option to work, but more on that later.

4) Setup the output device, I used the direct operating system call.
*Note the device Type must be ZBWIPP

5) create ABAP report ZBWIPP_PRINT (use the text file zbwipp_print.txt from the zip file) and you can ignore the warning message, it works and the new page print on command is required to use the printer controls for the barcodes.

activate the report and the following is only a warning message

6) define the background job in sm36 and point to the new printer, I had set the new printer as my default printer in SAP.

Run the report immediately or schedule and the resulting PDF print out should be in the auto-save directory setup earlier.

7) Print after save.

I am still checking this part out but the mswinpr2 device used by ghostscript is a completely separate and therefore no control over margins, so I scaled the printer to get some results, if you note the 98% scaling option in the screen shot.

I may return to this later........


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