Thursday, November 11, 2010

Windows: printing postscript on modern networked HP printers

As I am working on Unix systems with SAP I do not have to deal with HP printer drivers on windows. We do have HP printers and the Unix systems work well without any HP drivers. I have HP printers setup on my desktop which someone else setup. All standard HP drivers as we do not have postscript printers.


I finally took a trip to HP website for the 2 particular printers in the office, HP 4250 and 4700.

I found postscript drivers for both printers so....

BWIPP device types in SAP can now print directly to these printers, without any scripting.

Check the config page of any HP printer and if it supports postscript then most likely there will be a postscript driver (probably :)

I was using Redmon as part of another method to generate pdfs without cute pdf writer. I am still going to use Redmon for this but I had found another method to print postscript to non-postscript printers using Redmon. I wont be following that method now.

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