Saturday, October 2, 2010

Barcodes in SAP Smartforms and Sapscript using BWIPP

In my previous blog I stated BWIPP can be used in SAPscript and Smartforms.

Here is the SAPscript video follow up!


Anonymous said...

Hello Robert,
I'm an ABAPer from China. I have followed the steps you specified in the blog and I printed the QR-CODE by program ZQR_PRINT sucessfully. but currently, my requirement is to print QR-CODE in smartform, i know you have a video about this topic, but i can't watch it because of restriction of Youtube in China. So would you please give me a quick instruction about how to print QR-CODE in smartforms?
this is what i did in my system:
1. imported ZBWIPPQR.PRI
2. imported ZBWIPP.txt
3. install CUTwriter.exe
4. write the following code in smartform
= 123456789(this is the barcode)

when i ran the smartform, i did not get barcode but text '123456789'.

Would you please help me?
thank you.

Robert Russell said...

Good to hear you could print via the ABAP code, obviously not so good news on the smartforms front.
I think it would be best if you could email me a screen shot of your smartform print controls and text.
My email address can be found on my SCN profile here.


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